Video Content and User Engagement: The Perfect Combination to Get Awesome Rankings in Your Video SEO Efforts

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Video Content and User Engagement: The Perfect Combination to Get Awesome Rankings in Your Video SEO Efforts

For all you SEO geeks out there no need for long introductions about the algorithm changes that had been shaping the Internet marketing landscape lately. Some call it a new shift with all these new tweaks and ranking factors Matt Cutts and his Google spam team has been developing. And for the average marketer who is just staring his career in online marketing and video optimization, it can be confusing.

But for those who have been doing SEO back in the good old days where content was really king and search engines didn’t need to combat a whole bunch of spam, ranking was all about getting quality content out on the Internet. The idea was simple but entailed hard work and creativity because if you wanted to create a video that will go viral or a blog that will have targeted visitors, having quality content that users will actually benefit from was the key.

But then came the era of SEO where backlinks were given such a major ranking factor and while the intention was good, created an avalanche of spammy black hat automated tools to send thousands of backlinks to your blog or video in the attempt to game the search results by exploiting this loophole.

Now for those who see SEO from this stand point, the good days are over. With Google’s Panda and Penguin guarding the Internet against poor content and spam, backlinks for the sake of backlinks can even harm the rankings of your blog or video. So one may wonder, how do you do video seo in this post Panda and Penguin environment? The answer; go back to the basics.

When creating a video for your marketing, ask yourself, what makes you want to watch a video? Were you entertained? Did you get valuable information out of that video or did it take you for a joy ride with no clear value or purpose? While I maybe oversimplifying things, it really is the foundation of video SEO top tricks for 2012 and beyond.

Naturally, we need to consider the SEO stuff behind how search engines rank videos. For one, if you plan to host your videos on YouTube, there is an immense opportunity for your video to rank in the SERPS if you do your YouTube SEO the right way. Here is a list of 10 simple and straight-forward tips on how you can do your YouTube SEO, its order based on importance:

1)      Video Content

2)      User engagement

3)      Video Content Factors

4)      Keywords

5)      Title

6)      Description

7)      Tags

8)      Transcription

9)      Channel Authority

10)   Content Delivery


As you can see, video SEO specifically in YouTube marketing is almost the same when you are doing on-page SEO for a blog. One thing you will notice at the top of the list, there is Video Content and User Engagement which are your main priorities. There will be no shortcut for this method because you can do all the tweaks and keyword research you want with your video, if in the end your video is not engaging your viewers and its content has no value, no one will like it and share it and Google can detect this and know by inference that your video sucks.

This article is to help you understand that the changes happening now in SEO is generally geared to going back to the good all days where content really is king. Gone are the days where you have a crappy blog with low quality content that you can send a ton of backlinks to using automated link building tools and you can expect it to be in the top results for your keywords in a matter of days or weeks.

The same principle now applies in video SEO. Whether you host your video on YouTube or you want to get your own professional video hosting service, the key SEO factors as we listed above do play a crucial role so that viewers can discover your video. If you research your keywords properly, use it in the title and description. Take the time to transcribe your video or hire someone to do this and uploaded a text version, then there is a very high chance your video will appear in the SERPS.

However, if people find your video and it is not engaging them, it is not entertaining them, if it is not giving the information they need in the first few seconds, they can easily close your video and look for another. Google will see that your video has a high bounce rate and your video will rank low. Forget about the link in the description box pointing to your site, because they will not even bother to click that. Besides, according to research, it’s very seldom that YouTube videos convert to significant blog traffic unless the video is of very high quality and from a top brand.

When we say “quality” it doesn’t mean that you need a Hollywood budget and hire actors to do your video for you. Today’s Video SEO and video marketing, just like content marketing, is based on these factors that no automation software can imitate; and that is your own creativity and knowledge that can provide exceptional information that will entertain and inspire your viewers so that they will naturally like your video and share it.

So in summary, if you want to do real good video optimization for 2012, think within these terms, video content and user engagement. Here is where the true secret of optimizing your video effectively today, and if you can do that, then there is no doubt it will go viral and send you the traffic and revenue you want.

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